fabrianoWe are waiting for you to come to ”Il Castellaro” agritourism and enjoy our delicious offers!
You can find ”Il Castellaro” agritourism in the middle of a big area, characterized by interesting cultural prospectives and beautiful landscapes.
As we said before, ”Il Castellaro” is located just nine Kilometers from Fabriano (picture on the right), a middle age city in which Gentile da Fabriano, the most well known and illustrious exponent of the international gothic style, was born.
Fabriano is renowned worldwide, since 1200, because of the production of paper. Still nowadays, Fabriano is one of the few cities in the world where the production of paper is still hand made. This shows clearly the willing to keep on following a tradition coming from centuries ago. Even if the techniques are now ”avant garde”, the main and central phase of the working process is still the one used more than 700 years ago.
In Fabriano you can find one of the most beautiful historical centres, and there are a lot of ”must visit” places, as like:
The museum of paper, the big museum, the ”Podestà’s” palace, the civic art gallery, the furnished deposit, (in which you can find more of the local artistic production, moved here from the art gallery after the earthquake happened in 1997) and the beautiful ”Gentile” theatre.
Another really interesting site is situated in Genga, just 16 kilometers afar from our place, which includes the amazing ”Frasassi caves”. In Genga you can find as well the thermal plant of ”San Vittore”, where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the spirit of well- being.
In Sassoferrato, located just seven kilometers afar from ”Il Castellaro”, you can find the ”Sentinum” park, an archeological site that shows the remains and the ruins of a ancient roman village, dated back to 295 A.C. The entrance in this site is for free.

In Pergola, just 24 kilometers afar, you can appreciate the famous group of the so- called ”gilded bronzes”: The only one complex of bronze statues discovered in excellent condition, coming directly from the roman age. This complex of statues probably represents a family, originally made up of two couples of women, wearing the cloak and the veil, and a couple of knights wearing high – rank military equipment and riding richly adorned horses.

Just 40 kilometers afar from ”Il Castellaro” we can find the historical city of Gubbio, another ancient roman settlement, in which takes place, once a year (the 15th of may) the popular ”Ceri’s Party” (picture on the left) one of the oldest events of italian old tradition. Nowadays, Gubbio became popular because of a recent TV show, ”Don Matteo”.
60 kilometers afar from ”Il Castellaro” you can find the adriatic shore, in which you can appreciate the beatiful historical centre of Senigallia and Ancona.